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Escape ROOMS

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Your group must work together to escape the major case squad floor of the police station. Your entire group has been detained while the officers are currently engaged in a gun battle with your friends outside. Half of the group is currently in handcuffs, and time is of the essence as you have only 60 minutes to escape before being transferred to separate holding facilities. Failure to escape before the police return will result in life imprisonment for everyone involved. The group must solve the challenges presented by the interrogation escape room and secure everyone’s freedom before the officers return.



A deadly virus outbreak has struck a secret facility, and you and your team have just 60 minutes to escape. Locked in separate pods, you must work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and navigate the facility to safety. Failure to escape before the timer runs out will result in the extermination of everyone in the facility. The stakes are high, so use your wits and skills to overcome the challenges and escape in time.

Experience the ultimate test of survival in the Cartel Escape Room. Chained to the floor in the cellar of a dangerous cartel.  You and your team have only 60 minutes to escape before the cartel returns to torture and execute everyone. Work together to unravel the mystery of the missing drugs and solve puzzles to save both your own lives and those of your crew. Navigate through the ominous setting and face physical and mental challenges to outsmart the cartel and escape before it’s too late. Will you be able to save yourselves or fall victim to their brutal torture and warning to others who dare to steal from them?

Your entire group was involved in a gun and drug trafficking ring stretching around the world. After a deal went bad your entire group found themselves trapped in the basement of their old boss’s warehouse. Your group must escape the basement in 60 minutes before the boss’s men return to issue you your fate.