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We have 4 interactive Escape Games to choose from at Mind Busting Escape Rooms.


A deadly virus outbreak has struck a secret facility, and you and your team have just 60 minutes to escape. Locked in separate pods, you must work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and navigate the facility to safety. Failure to escape before the timer runs out will result in the extermination of everyone in the facility. The stakes are high, so use your wits and skills to overcome the challenges and escape in time.

Soon after engaging in an extensive gun and drug trafficking ring that spanned across countries. Consequently your entire group suddenly found themselves in a dire predicament. It all began when a deal took a turn for the worse, ultimately leading them to be confined and cornered within the dimly lit basement of their former boss’s warehouse.Your group will have 60 minutes to escape before suffering your fate. Indeed a true Atlanta Escape Room Experience.


Your team was covertly conducting government research in the icy wilderness of Alaska, when suddenly, you stumbled upon some highly sensitive information. Consequently,without wasting a moment, soldiers swiftly reacted by imprisoning your team in two isolation cells, determined to eliminate any trace of evidence. Now, you face an urgent and daunting challenge: escaping within 60 minutes before they release the deadly gas you’ve been experimenting with into your cells. Obviously, time is of the essence in this high-stakes situation. Brace yourselves for an incredibly immersive Escape Room Atlanta Experience, where each passing second becomes more critical than ever.