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Chainz left

Escape ROOMS

Chainz right

Your friend(s) and you are trapped on the Major Case Squad’s floor of the police station. Half of your crew will begin cuffed in the police station hallway. The other half will begin in the interrogation room. Your team will have to work together to free everyone and escape the police station.



Your friends and you are trapped in two separate Containment pods. You are about to be exterminated due to a highly contagious and deadly virus outbreak. Your team will have to work together intensely to escape the pods. Then you will have to beat the clock to escape the facility.

Your crew and you are chained to the floor in the cellar of the cartel. They have taken you captive after a drug deal that went bad. Your crew must work together to get unchained. Then your crew must escape the cellar before the clock runs out.

Your entire group was involved in a gun and drug trafficking ring stretching around the world. After a deal went bad your entire group found themselves trapped in the basement of their old boss’s warehouse. Your group must escape the basement in 60 minutes before the boss’s men return to issue you your fate.