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Your friend(s) and you are trapped on the Major Case Squad’s floor of the police station. You will have 60 minute to escape. While the officers are gone holding off a siege on the station by your friends outside. This is your only chance to free everyone before being transferred to different holding facilities. 



Your friends and you are trapped in two separate Containment pods. You are about to be exterminated due to a virus breakout. Everyone tested negative but the government is not chancing it. They are set to commence extermination in 60 minutes of everyone that was in a mile radius of the outbreak. You must escape in the 60 minutes.



Your crew and you are chained to the floor in the cellar of the cartel. They have taken you captive after a drug deal that went bad. They believe that someone in your crew stole from them. Your crew and you have 60 minutes to escape before they come back. Can be considered scary as you begin chained to the floor in a dark room.

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Your entire group was involved in a gun and drug trafficking ring stretching around the world. After a deal went bad your entire group found themselves trapped in the basement of their old boss’s warehouse. He is sure someone was working on the inside. He can’t take any chances. So, he plans to eliminate everyone that knew about the deal. You will have 60 minutes to escape while his guys are out picking up body bags to dispose of your bodies. Good Luck! Capacity: 10

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 We at Mind Busting Escape Rooms, LLC strive to make a fun, unique, friendly, and safe experience for our customers. We sanitize every room between use and the rest of the building throughout operating hours. Our escape rooms are a great way to do team-building exercises, date night, find out about someone on your first date, have fun with friends and family, or just an enjoyable inexpensive way to get out of the house and try something different in Tucker. If you have any questions or if you want to book a event with us feel free to contact us.

Mind Busting Escape Rooms, LLC is great for beginners and experts alike. As our friendly staff will not just leave you in the room looking at the walls. We will provide extra help as need be for beginners. On the flip side if you have been to a few escape rooms we will leave you alone and let you see what you can do.

Our staff is great and will do everything in our power to ensure your group has fun.

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All bookings will be private with just your party and will be fully sanitized. If someone would like to be added to your group after booking a room feel free to give us a call or just have them come in with you (can’t exceed room max).

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Group Outings

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Date Night

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